When She Found A Secret Cellar Door In Her Home, She Never Expected THIS To Be Inside

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A Massachusetts woman recently got the shock of her life when she made an unexpected discovery while pulling up the carpet in her home to make renovations.

According to Conservative Tribune, she found a hole in her floor that led to a secret underground living area. A friend of the woman’s posted photos of the discovery on Reddit and explained the story behind them.

“My friend decided to replace her old carpet and she found a cellar door and a cool surprise,” she wrote.


After pulling open the hatch, the woman found a staircase leading to the secret room.


Down in the room, the woman found jars of food and bottles of liquor as well as a newspaper from 1945. One of the food jars was dated from 1955, leading the woman to belief this was a safe room erected during the Cold War, when millions of Americans lived in daily fear of nuclear attacks.



The jarred foods show how far our survivalist materials have come since then, as well as how smart people were during this time to build rooms such as this one. The space heater in the room suggests whoever built it was concerned about the prospect of living there for a long period of time.


The woman had no idea this room existed, and it was not disclosed to her when she bought the home. What an amazing find!

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