Obama-Voting Welfare Queen LOSES IT After Seeing THIS Sign At Store

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During the seven years Obama has been in office, millions of freeloaders have started committing welfare fraud as they try to mooch off the system and live off honest, hardworking Americans.

According to Conservative Brief, the welfare state has grown by 41% or by greater than $193 billion since Obama became president, and his government is doing nothing to stop it. Unfortunately for Obama’s precious freeloaders, however, their free ride is coming to an end.

Grocery stores all over America are now fighting back against the welfare state. Popular grocery store chain Wawa has started putting up signs making welfare receivers aware that EBT cards are no longer accepted.

“We are no longer accepting EBT,” one of their signs read. “Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe it is time to get a job.”


Liberals are of course furious about this, but we love it. SHARE this story if you support these signs!

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