Dog The Bounty Hunter Shocks Fans With THIS – Nobody Saw This Coming

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Duane Chapman, known on reality television as Dog The Bounty Hunter, spoke out this week to say he kill an Idaho bill to regulate bounty hunters because it would have prevented them from wearing badges.

Chapman told Post Register that the bill would also have prevented bounty hunters licensed in other states from going after bail jumpers in Idaho unless they have a license to carry a concealed weapon in the state. According to Fox News, Chapman is now allowed to own a firearm due to a 1976 first-degree murder conviction.

Though the bill cleared the House in Idaho, it did not make it through the Senate after Chapman spoke out against it. Republican Rep. Richard Wills of Glenns Ferry confirmed Chapman’s involvement in taking down the bill, and he expressed disappointment that somebody from out of state could dictate what happens with an Idaho bill.

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