Megyn Kelly Stuns Fans With Bombshell Announcement – Nobody Saw This Coming

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump have been arch rivals ever since the first Republican debate back in August. However, Kelly said something this week that suggests the feud is finally over.

In a recent interview, Kelly shocked everyone by praising Trump, calling him “effective.”

Megyn Kelly is talking about her ongoing feud with Donald Trump in a new interview and calling out CNN and Bill O’Reilly for failing to support her at times.

The Fox News host sat down with Charlie Rose for an episode of CBS Sunday Morning that will air this weekend, and revealed that she was upset when O’Reilly failed to defend her against Trump’s attacks when he pulled out of the Iowa debate she moderated in January.

She also criticized CNN for airing the event Trump was holding for veterans at the same time she was hosting the debate.

The host of The Kelly File does not have anything negative to say about Trump however in a preview clip from the interview, saying of the Republican front-runner; ‘Trump, if he could pull himself back in just somewhat, would be so effective.’

She then added; ‘He’s already been so effective. He could be so much more effective.’ 

At one point in the interview, Rose says to Kelly; ‘Has anything about this campaign season made you want to throw up your arms and say, “Politics has gone crazy in America!”‘

Kelly responds by saying; ‘I’ve had the same feeling.’  

Rose then asked Kelly about her feud with Trump and if the two even had a relationship before last August’s debate when his attacks first began on the political commentator. 

Kelly said she and Trump had no relationship before that debate, where her questions asking the presidential hopeful to address his negative comments about women and their appearance led to him saying the next day that she had ‘blood coming out of her wherever.’

She then got into why she believes she is constantly at the receiving end of his vitriolic attacks.

‘I think its very clear to him that he cannot control the editorial on my show or me in a debate or other settings,’ said Kelly.

She then added that Trump is welcome to come on her show at any time.

Though Kelly hasn’t thrown an endorsement Trump’s way, she is clearly trying to turn over a new leaf with The Donald. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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