When She Popped The Cyst On Her Head, She Never Expected THIS To Come Spurting Out

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Dr. Sandra Lee has earned the nickname of Dr. Pimple Popper by popping countless skin conditions during her long career. However, she had her work cut out for her recently when a woman came to see her with a large cyst on her scalp.

Dr. Lee explained what happened in the video description:

A mother and daughter travelled a distance to see me. Daughter is a popaholic and brought her Spanish-speaking mother to see me because of this bump on her scalp. It was a pilar cyst and I was happy to remove it for her. Her daughter watched and filmed the procedure as well.
I always warn my girls that work with me to wear splash screens, but sometimes they think they will be ok. It’s when you think that you’ll be OK that you sometimes get into trouble.. hehe

So gross!

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