Thug Points Gun And Orders Teen Out Of Car – Never Thought THIS Would Happen Next

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An Indianapolis woman drove to her local Dollar Store on Saturday to pick up some food before Easter, leaving her 15-year-old son and 4-year-old granddaughter in the car while she stopped. However, things took a dangerous turn when an armed thug ordered the two children out of the car so he could steal it, according to WXIN.

“I went in there three minutes before this voice starts yelling inside the store,” said the woman, who identified herself only as “Bobbi.”

She added that the voice she heard yelling was her son’s.

“(He) walked around the car to the driver’s side door, opened up the door, leaned in, stuck the gun at my son, cocked it back and told him to ‘get the hell out of the car,’” Bobbi recounted, according to Conservative Tribune.

The thug was stunned when the boy refused to leave, refusing to leave his sleeping niece behind.

“My son was like immediately … ‘I will not get out of this car without my niece.’ And the guy’s like, ‘Get out of the car or I’m going to shoot.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m not getting out of this car without my niece.’ And the guy’s like, ‘Get her out of the car and get out of here,’” Bobbi stated.

The boy and girl eventually left and the thug drove off in the four-door 2006 Ford Fusion. Bobbi told reporters that her son is  “a little hero” and that she is furious about the carjacking.

“How dare someone take his innocence and destroy what he knew as freedom in his own neighborhood,” she said, going on to deliver a message directly to the thug: “I’ll thank you because you didn’t shoot my son, I’ll thank you for that.”

“But his time is coming. Karma is terrible,” she added. “It will come back and get you one day or another.”

We thank God that the boy and the little girl are alright, and we hope the carjacker is caught soon!

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