People Shocked When Three Bikini-Clad Girls Started Doing THIS

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Three women have been arrested in Charleston, South Carolina after video went viral of them ganging up on a 20-year-old woman two weeks ago alongside a local river.

WLOX reported that Arlinda Craft, 18, Anns Leigh Hill, 19, and Megan Williams, 20, have each been charged with Second Degree Assault and Battery by a Mob after attacking the young woman.

According to Breitbart, the police report states the victim was sitting by the river when the group of girls viciously attacked her. One of them allegedly pulled her hair as she threw her to the rocky ground. The mob proceeded to slap her, pin her down and repeatedly beat her as unidentified men filmed the attack.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated for serious injuries including lacerations and a concussion.

“One’s kicking her, and she’s completely helpless. It’s just really hard to watch,” friend of the victim Ramy Williams said. “The other one was just wailing on her face, wailing on her head, you know, on the back of her head. It definitely could have killed her.”

Though the victim is doing better physically, she is struggling to recover emotionally from the attack. She says that though she knows the attackers and has had problems with them in the past, this attack was unprovoked.

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