BREAKING: Former Clinton Mistress Drops Bombshell – Hillary Had ‘Several Abortions’

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in panic mode this week after one of Bill’s former mistresses came forward to drop a bombshell that she never wanted the public to know about.

Former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller had a steamy affair with the then-Governor Bill Clinton back in 1983. She recently sat down with The American Mirror to tell them some of the intimate secrets Bill had told her, including the fact that even having a child was a political calculation for the Clintons.

“She had several abortions before she had Chelsea and it was only because Bill convinced her that if they were ever going to move up in politics that they had to have a child because that is what the political analysts had said,” Miller said. “They’ve gotta see her as a human. They have to see her — I think in society they always say, ‘If you were a mother, you can’t be half bad. There has to be some love or gentleness or compassion within in you birth a child.'”

Miller went on to slam Hillary personally.

“She is a Gloria Steinem kind of feminist. If you’ve ever seen picture or heard Gloria Steinem, just a cold, conniving bitch. That’s just it,” Miller said. “And they don’t care about anyone but themselves. That’s what most feminists are all about. It’s about themselves. And most of them don’t link men, incidentally. They only use men for income (and) appearance.”

Miller also claims that Hillary is a lesbian behind closed doors.

“He said that when she was in college that she and some girls experimented and she liked it. And that’s when the big feminist movement was moving forward and lesbianism was hot,” she explained. “It was more vogue for a woman to have a female partner than to have a male partner.”

If what Miller said is true, this could mean the end of Hillary’s presidential dreams forever. SHARE this story so ALL Americans can learn that Hillary has had abortions!

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