Horrifying Moment Teacher Strips NAKED – What Happens Next Is Even Worse…


March 29, 2016 1:50pm PST

Disturbing photos have emerged of a naked, 30 year-old high school teacher in the Guangxi province of China trying to rape a female student in broad daylight on campus.


According to Right Wing News, this incident occurred on March 28 at Taiping High School in Lingshan County, and teachers immediately intervened to rescue the student from her attacker. The teacher in question has been identified as having the surname Huo, and the student he tried to rape suffered no injuries in the ordeal.


Authorities say that Huo suffers from a mental illness and that he works in the laboratory of the school. He received treatment in 2011 for psycotic episodes, but was declared fit to work two years later. Since this attack, he has been sent back to the hospital for treatment.


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