You Won’t Believe What Sasha Obama Wore To The Easter Egg Roll…


March 29, 2016 6:52am PST

On Monday, the Obama family hosted their final Easter Egg Roll in the White House.

Though most members of the first family dressed up for the Christian occasion, 14 year-old Sasha Obama couldn’t be bothered to do so. Instead, she showed up to the event wearing clothing that looked as if she’d just gotten back from a session at the gym.

According to Daily Mail, Sasha wore black leggings, a black t-shirt, a grey hooded sweatshirt and some slip-on sneakers.


With this outfit, Sasha made it abundantly clear that Easter is far from a priority for her. However, we can’t really blame her, considering that she grew up in a non-Christian household led by Barack and Michelle Obama. Though the family has always claimed to be Christian, Barack has been pushing a clear anti-Christian agenda ever since he entered the White House.

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