BREAKING: Shooter Opens Fire At US Capitol Days After Brussels Attack


March 28, 2016 1:24pm PST

The US Capitol is currently on lockdown after a gunman opened fire in the visitor’s center of the building just after 3 pm. The shooter reportedly injured a police officer before being taken into custody minutes after the shooting began.

According to Daily Mail, staffers were ordered to take shelter as soon as the gunman began firing. There was mass confusion in the capitol building because the shooting occurred just after a scheduled active shooter drill, which staffers had been notified of via email.

The wounded officer was hospitalized with non-lifethreatening injuries, and a female bystander was also wounded in the shooting. Cathryn Leff, a visitor from California, described people running and screaming minutes after the gunman opened fire.



The shooting occurred as the Obamas hosted the annual Easter Egg Roll just a few hundred meters away. Just days after the Brussels terrorist attacks, many are already speculating that this might have been an act of terror.

We will update you further as this story develops.


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