White Couple Refuses To Give Up Seats To Black Thugs – What Followed Was ’15 Seconds Of Terror’

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Obama’s liberal media is constantly talking about white-on-black crime, which they cite as proof that America is a racist society. However, they rarely report on black-on-white crime, which is actually on the rise in this country at a disturbing rate.

Fox5DC recently reported that a white couple sitting in a metro station were brutally assaulted by a gang of about 10 black thugs after they refused to give up their seat.

“It was pretty quick and direct,” the male victim recounted, according to Conservative Tribune. “They came up — I noticed they had scarves over their face — they said a few words about my shoes, about getting up, if I wanted to give them my seat, and then before I had a chance to respond, that is when they just started attacking.”

“It all happened very quickly, and then they were just hitting us both in the face and head,” the female victim added.

Four assaults just like this one have taken place since December, but the mainstream media has basically failed to report on any of them. The couple attacked said they will not be riding the metro anymore, and they blamed the city for not letting people know that assaults like this were happening in the area.

“At this point, I just feel like if someone wants to attack me, they can,” the woman said. “I don’t really feel safe on the Metro anymore.”

“We would have liked to have known. I think if I had more information, I may have made a different decision about riding Metro,” she added.

Police have not been able to track down the assailants at this time. The media could help them with this, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon!

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