Obama Books TWO Air Force Ones For Argentina Vacation

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Days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, President Obama and his family jetted off on a hiking trip at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina.

According to Daily Mail, the Obama family landed in Buenos Aires just after 2:20 local time in a smaller version of Air Force One that carries 45 people instead of 76. This means that the president brought two jets on his Latin America vacation, costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars in additional expenses.

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It costs taxpayers $210,000 for every hour the main Air Force One is used. Since the trip to Latin America takes ten hours, we spent over $4 million to get the family there in that jet alone. Adding on the cost of the additional jet makes that number even larger.

Just before the family landed in the small Argentinian town of Barlioche, the White House issued a statement claiming that “the President has been regularly updated on the investigation into Tuesday’s horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels.”

How comforting.

It’s sickening that Obama is continuing with his lavishly expensive vacation when multiple Americans were killed in the Brussels attacks. SHARE this story if what Obama did this week makes you SICK!

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