Here’s The Outfit That Got This 18 Year-Old Girl Thrown Out Of Her Gym For Being ‘Too Sexy’ – Was This Fair?

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When 17 year-old Allison Roth put on an orange athletic tank top before heading to Planet Fitness for a workout, she never expected this to happen.

According to AWM, Roth was told to either leave the gym or cover up her “inappropriate” outfit. Humiliated, Roth chose to leave the gym and cancel her membership immediately.

Considering the fact that Planet Fitness boasts that it is a “judgment free zone,” Roth was particularly surprised by what happened.

“This obviously isn’t a judgment free zone and I’d like to spend my money elsewhere,” she said. She then posted a photo of herself on the internet, and it quickly went viral, with most users agreeing that there was nothing inappropriate about her outfit.


Do you think Roth should have been asked to cover up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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