World Scrambles To Fight ISIS After Brussels Attack – Obama Does THIS Instead

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The world was shocked and saddened today when ISIS launched a terrorist attack at a Brussels, Belgium airport, killing 34 people and injuring nearly 200 more.

While most world leaders are responding to the attack by taking action against ISIS, Obama is doing basically nothing, making no secret of the fact that the attack means nothing to him.

According to IJ Review, Obama only briefly mentioned the Brussels attack during a Tuesday speech in Cuba, quickly moving on with a riff that drew both hope and laughter from the audience. Obama will not be altering his plans after the attacks, and will instead be attending a baseball game in the communist nation.

Twitter immediately exploded with slams against Obama for his reaction to the attacks.

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It’s sickening that Obama continues to give ISIS a free pass. Clearly, Obama is perfectly content to watch the world burn at the hands of Muslim extremists.

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