BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues Bombshell Ruling In First Post-Scalia 2nd Amendment Case

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Ever since the death of pro-gun advocate Justice Antonin Scalia, many conservatives have feared that the Second Amendment would be in big trouble. However, the Supreme Court released a decision on Monday that came as very good news to pro-gun Americans all over the country.

According to Conservative Tribune, the court overturned a Massachusetts decision that determined that stun guns were not covered by the Second Amendment. The highest court in the land instead sided with a woman who said she carried one as protection against an abusive former boyfriend.

In an unsigned decision with no dissents, the Supreme Court sided with Jaime Caetano, who was arrested in 2011 and charged with possession of a stun gun in violation of a state law banning such weapons. Though Caetano said she carried the weapon as protection from her abusive partner, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in 2015 that the stun gun was not covered by the constitutional right to bear arms.

“If the fundamental right of self-defense does not protect Caetano, then the safety of all Americans is left to the mercy of state authorities who may be more concerned about disarming the people than about keeping them safe,” Alito wrote in the decision, according to USA Today.

Conservatives everywhere can breath a sigh of relief at this post-Scalia gun rights decision, but there will definitely be more Second Amendment cases before the Supreme Court that we need to watch out for.

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