He Squeezed A Huge Bump On His Eyelid – What Came Out…OMG!

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Dr. Sandra Lee earned the nickname of Dr. Pimple Popper after popping countless skin conditions during her career. However, she recently had her work cut out for her when a patient walked in with a bump on his eyelid that was just begging to be popped.

Dr. Lee explained the situation in the video description:

Apocrine hidrocystomas are benign cystic growths that are derived from normal glands in the area, called apocrine glands. Most often they are solitary, and are dome shaped, soft, and may have a bluish, translucent hue. They are most often seen on the eyelids, especially the inner/medial eyelid/canthus area. These grow slowly, and likely won’t resolve, but don’t threaten your life. They can be removed surgically in a simple office procedure as you see here.

We’re glad this man was able to get his problem taken care of. Thank you, Dr. Lee!

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