What Happened To This Blonde Woman On Live TV Is Going Viral – When You See It, You’ll Know Why

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A Sports Center video of an obscure sports figure being interviewed on live TV is going viral this week, but it’s what’s going on behind him that has everyone talking.

According to Conservative Tribune, the video appears to show a blonde woman standing behind the man suddenly disappear on live TV. Filmed in the baggage claim area of an airport, the blonde woman is seen acknowledging someone walking away from her, and she then completely disappears.

Theorists have taken to the internet to try to explain why the woman disappeared, with the most common explanation being that she simply walked in the same direction as the brunette woman passing her at the same time. Some say they can see her reflection in a small garbage can on the left side of the video doing just that.

Others claim that the woman is a ghost, or even a time traveller!

Watch the video above this story and see what you think. Why do you think this woman disappeared? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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