ALERT: Marine General Makes Terrifying Announcement

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While testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, a top Marine general made a horrifying statement about how the United States would respond to a crisis, or even a war, under Obama’s leadership. Things are so much worse than we thought…

Gen. John Paxton, assistant commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, testified that if Marines were called upon to respond to a crisis, they might not be up for the task of taking on our enemies thanks to what Obama has done.

“I worry about the capability and the capacity to win in a major fight somewhere else right now,” the general said, referring to the lack of training and equipment our soldiers now get.

“In the event of a crisis, these degraded units could either be called upon to deploy immediately at increased risk to the force and the mission, or require additional time to prepare thus incurring increased risk to mission by surrendering the initiative to our adversaries,” Paxton continued, according to Conservative Tribune.

Paxton admitted that these circumstances didn’t necessarily mean the Marines wouldn’t be able to respond to a call, but it did “mean that executing our defense strategy or responding to an emergent crisis may require more time, more risk, and incur greater costs and casualties.”

Vice chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force agreed with Paxton that years of Obama’s budget cuts have significantly weakened the military’s strength. Once again, Obama has shown that he has no respect for our military, and that he doesn’t care whether or not America is protected.

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