GOP Establishment Launches Plan To STOP Your Vote And Destroy Trump

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Ever since Donald Trump won four of the five primaries on Super Tuesday this week, the GOP establishment has gone into panic mode, since they know they’ll never be able to control him if he takes office.

Now, disturbing new reports have revealed that members of the GOP establishment are holding a top secret meeting in Washington D.C., where they are discussing how to stop Trump and how to have a third-party candidate be the nominee.

According to Mad World News, this meeting is actually a “stop the American people’s vote” meeting, as these wealthy members of the Republican elite think they can subvert the will of the people and place anyone they want in the White House. Many conservatives are fighting back against this meeting, including Newt Gingrich.

“Have fun,” Gingrich said. “It’s an amusing parlor game. It has no meaning in the real world, but if it makes you feel better.”

Gingrich went on to specifically criticize Erick Erickson, making it clear that all they are doing is helping Hillary Clinton:

I’m not sympathetic at all to the Erick Erickson of the world. If they want to form the let’s elect Hillary Clinton club, fine. But they ought to be honest about it. Any effort to help anybody but the Republican nominee helps Hillary Clinton. And if you think giving Hillary Clinton the Supreme Court, having Hillary Clinton run our foreign policy, having Hillary Clinton support the unions to continue ruining our children in schools. If you think that’s acceptable, do it. Erick Erickson’s not playing a risk-free game. It’s not like there is some pure middle way. If he does not support the Republican nominee, he is functionally supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election.” [via Breitbart News]

It’s sickening that the GOP establishment is now trying to stop their own people from voting. SHARE this story so we can spread to the world what the GOP is REALLY doing!

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