BREAKING: Secret Plan To Hand Jeb Bush GOP Nomination Leaks – He’s Not Gone Yet…

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Since Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday this week by winning four out of five state primaries, the GOP establishment has gone into panic mode since they know they’ll never be able to control him if he makes it to the White House. Now, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has made a terrifying prediction about what the GOP establishment is planning to do to stop Donald Trump.

According to Conservative Tribune, Rush predicts that the GOP will impose Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on voters as the Republican nominee despite the fact that conservatives all over the country have made it clear they want nothing to do with him. They could do this thanks to a loose interpretation of convention committee rules involving the issue of first-ballot delegates and how they are not bound to vote for the candidate that won their state’s primaries.

“If they succeed in denying Trump or Ted Cruz 1,237 delegates by the end of the primary process, I’m here to tell you Jeb Bush is gonna be the nominee,” Rush predicted. “That’s what they’re gonna do. That’s what they’ve always wanted.”

Rush added that this kind of nomination would suit Bush, since he would not have to “kowtow to Republican tea party base voters.”

“If not Jeb, they’ll go Romney,” Rush continued.

Watch Rush’s full prediction in the video above this story. If this comes true, it will prove the GOP establishment will stop at nothing to destroy Trump’s White House chances.

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Posted by Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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