She Spent $120,000 To Get The ‘Perfect Body’ – Is This Sexy, Or Did She Go Too Far?

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Pixee Fox, 25, has spent $120,000 on surgeries to get what she calls the “perfect body.”

According to AWM, Fox had six of her ribs removed so she could get the hourglass figure she wanted. Though her waist is now a record breaking 16 inches, she is forced to wear a corset at all times to keep her organs in place.

“The ribs do not grow back,” Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Stone told reporters.

Fox has also had a butt lift, breast surgery, and facial modifications to look like Jessica Rabbit from the 1988 cartoon Who Killed Roger Rabbit?

“It’s recommended to have something to compress your body to keep everything in place after the surgery and also to provide some protection,” the Swedish model told TV reporters. “This corset was custom-made for me to fulfill that requirement.”

Stone explained that wearing a corset all day has its drawbacks, however.

“If a person wears it 24 hours a day, then their liver, kidneys and everything else are not going to be in their proper place,” said the doctor.

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