Whoopi Goldberg Tries To Embarrass Donald Trump – He Shut Her Up With THIS

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In a pathetic attempt to boost ratings on her struggling talk show The View, Whoopi Goldberg recently called up GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to ask him a few questions. Whoopi was hoping to embarrass Trump in front of the nation, but this backfired for her in a big way.

“Your stance on immigration is a little testy for folks,” Whoopi told Trump, according to AWM. “Not all Mexican immigrants are murderers and rapists, I just want to straighten that up.”

Liberal idiot Joy Behar then asked Trump if he is a “Democrat at heart.”

“I used to be a Democrat,” Trump admitted, adding that he switched parties just like Ronald Reagan did. “And now I’m a Republican, a conservative Republican, but with a very big heart.”

Whoopi and Behar continued by trying to make Trump look like a sexist man, but this didn’t work either.

“I want to say that I will cherish women and I will protect women and I will take care of women and I have great respect for women,” he said.

“You’ve got to get a bit more informed in what’s going on in women’s issues,” Whoopi accused.

Trump tried to say that he actually is informed, but Whoopi told him, “No, baby, I swear to you, Donald, you’re misinformed here.”

In the end, all Whoopi and Behar accomplished was making themselves look stupid on live TV. Nice try, girls, but Trump is here to stay!

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