This Gorgeous Girl Loved Her Selfie, But Her Friends Were Stunned To See What Else Was In It…

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Like most teenagers, Chloe Thomson loves taking selfies of herself and posting them online. Unfortunately, her latest selfie drew the ire of her online “friends” who were disgusted to find out what she’d been hiding.

The 19 year-old Scottish beauty often gets attacked by haters online who slam her for being “arrogant” in posting so many selfies. However, these haters have no idea that Thomson has been hiding a dark secret for the past eight years.

According to Mad World News, Chloe was in a horrific accident when she was 11 years-old that left her face maimed for life. Doctors had to remove her face entirely at one point to fix her eye sockets, nose, and jaw.

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Years later, Chloe has learned to cover her scars with makeup, but it has taken her this long to feel comfortable in her own skin again. Finally confident enough to share her past with her friends, she posted a before and after photo of her bloody and mangled face after the accident, alongside a photo of what she looks like today. Though some slammed the image as disgusting, others praised Chloe for being brave enough to share.

“When people see my pictures now, they think I’m too confident,” Chloe wrote in the post. “But now I think, ‘Why shouldn’t I be?’”

This story serves as a reminder that you can never judge a book by it’s cover. You never know what someone has been through until you’ve walked in their shoes!

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