You’ll Be LIVID When You See What Michelle Obama Did Today


March 10, 2016 1:07pm PST

Americans everywhere are struggling just to survive thanks to her husband’s ridiculous policies, but Michelle Obama made it clear today that she doesn’t give a hoot about any of that.

According to Daily Mail, Michelle ditched her other duties today to party with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau at the White House. When the Canadian first couple arrived, Michelle greeted them in a lavishly expensive dress and heels that were undoubtedly paid for with our tax dollars.


Michelle then dragged Sophie to one of her infamous Let Girls Learn events which benefitted our first lady’s latest attempt to control everything people do. The women were seen dancing and partying at the event, clearly giving no thought to the millions of Americans who are suffering right now.


Sophie then sat down with Katie Couric for a Yahoo News interview in which she shamelessly kissed up to Michelle Obama.

“I think there’s lots of authenticity in her personality and the way she connects with people,” she said of Michelle. “What I admire is the causes that she’s undertaken… Talking about nutrition and exercise with American people.”


Frankly, we’re sick of Michelle Obama, and we’re already tired of her new little liberal friend Sophie. SHARE if you agree!


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