One Of Obama’s Muslim ‘Refugees’ Is Denied Candy – What He Does Next Is Horrifying

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Obama is constantly claiming that his precious Muslim “refugees” are “peaceful” people who just want to assimilate into Western culture. Stories like this, however, prove some of them are actually extremely dangerous radicals who will never be satisfied until the western world has submitted to Shariah law.

According to Mad World News, a 16 year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan recently demanded that volunteers at his refugee center in Sweden give him candy.  He then decided to teach them a lesson about Muslims that they’ll never forget.

On December 9, the boy reportedly told the volunteers that if they did not give him candy, he would burn the center down. When they still refused, he carried out his threat, burning the center to the ground and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. As he burned the place down, the boy yelled, “If I do not get what I want, I’ll destroy everything!”

Since the Muslim teen destroyed the fire alarms before burning the place down, firefighters arrived too late to save the building. The damage caused by the fire is an estimated $650,000.

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