What Obama Just Did At This Fallen Military Hero’s Funeral Will Make You SICK

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President Obama likes to pretend that he cares about the men and women  in uniform, but stories like this prove that is not the case at all.

Just before Christmas, six United States soldiers were killed by a suicide attack in Afghanistan. Instead of honoring their memory, Obama said nothing.

According to American News, thousands of uniformed police and military officers took to the streets of New York to pay tribute to one of the victims, an NYPD detective and Air National Guardsman Technical Sgt. Joseph G. Lemm, yet Obama still stayed silent. He even ignored the devastating moment at the hero’s funeral when Lemm’s 4-year-old son moaned “Daddy, Daddy!”

“The child repeatedly kept going over to the casket, touching it and crying, until a man dressed in NYPD uniform picked up the bawling boy, held him close to his chest and hugged and comforted him,” the New York Post reported.

Clearly, Obama has no respect for members of the military or American police officers. SHARE this story so that all of America can learn the truth about this president!

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