When He Found A Secret Button Inside A Hotel Dresser, He Never Expected To Find THIS

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During a recent stay at the Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado, a man found a secret button that opened a drawer in a dresser, which contained a big secret.

According to Conservative Tribune, the man shared his story on Imgur, and he explained that each room in the hotel had a journal where guests could write about their experiences in the room. As the man looked through the journal in his room, he noticed that many guests had written about a “hidden drawer in the dresser.”

“So I set out to find it,” he continued.


As soon as he opened the top drawer, he noticed something odd: a button of sorts. When he pressed it, you won’t believe what happened…


When he pressed it, a secret drawer to the top right opened, revealing a two year-old note, which read “If you found this, add your name and drop me an email.”

The person who wrote the note wanted to track the people who found it, so he created a checklist of sorts. The drawer also included coins left by others who found the drawer.


What an interesting find!

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