She Had A Huge Lump On Her Belly – What She Yanked Out With Tweezers…OMG!

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If you don’t make time to clean your belly button, bad things will happen. The woman in this video learned this the hard way…

According to Right Wing News, the black object she removed with her tweezers was actually a naval stone. These stones are known as omphaloiths or umboilths, and they are made up of sebum and keratin deposition that oxidises into a solid, black accretion.

“For many individuals, a direct relationship to personal hygiene has been shown: omphaloliths occur in people who are neglectful about cleaning, or are unable to clean, their umbilicus regularly,” a dermatologist explained.

“Health providers have removed ‘growths’ from belly buttons that turned out to be a mix of bacteria, dirt, sweat, soap, lotions, and lint,” added Alexandria V. Booth, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist with HealthCare Partners medical group. “Talk about an embarrassing doctor’s visit — they go in for what they think is skin cancer and find out it’s just years of dirt.”

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