What Miley Just Showed The World On Live TV Will Leave You Speechless

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When Miley Cyrus appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her appearance hosting the Video Music Awards, nobody expected her to do this.

According to AWM, Cyrus and Kimmel began by talking about her raunchy new image, but they quickly moved on to the fact that she believes Americans are too conservative about nipples. In her mind, women should be allowed to show off their nipples as freely as men do.

“America’s actually fine with t–s, it’s nipples they don’t like,” Cyrus said. “The nipple that you can’t show – everyone has, but the jug part that everyone doesn’t, you’re allowed.”

Despite her new attitude in life, Cyrus said her parents are still proud of her.

“My dad’s cool, because I’m sure he’d maybe rather me not have my t–s out all the time, but he’d rather me have my t–s out and be a good person than have a shirt on and be a bitch,” Cyrus explained to Kimmel.

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