Trump Hit With Massive Lawsuit – This Isn’t Good

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A New York Appeals Court has unanimously decided to allow Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to proceed with prosecuting Donald Trump and his colleagues for the elaborate scam that was “Trump University.”

Trump is currently facing multiple lawsuits from students who claim he cheated them out of thousands of dollars, and he may even need to take time off from campaigning to appear as a witness in these lawsuits. According to Occupy Democrats, the state of New York isn’t buying Trump’s explanation statute of limitations has expired on these cases, and they are instead determined to punish him for his “deceptive and unlawful practices.”

Back in 2005, Trump University was launched as an online course to teach people Trump’s “investing techniques” and how to become “rich” like him. However, it did not confer degrees or had any certifications, and it was forced to change it’s name to Trump Entrepreneur Initiative in 2010 after New York state ruled that it was illegal for them to call themselves a college.

Clearly, this is yet another attempt by liberals to tear Trump down. Sorry, folks, but Trump is unstoppable!

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