BREAKING: Chris Christie Makes Huge Presidential Endorsement – It’s Not Who You’d Think


February 26, 2016 11:59am PST

After the first few Republican debates, many noted that Chris Christie refused to attack frontrunner Donald Trump, even though all the other candidates did so.

Since dropping out of the race, Chris Christie has stayed silent as to who he is endorsing for president: until now. According to Allen B. West, Christie officially announced his endorsement for Trump on Friday.

Earlier this month, Allahpundit from HotAir predicted that Christie would endorse Trump, writing “a symbolically valuable vote of confidence in his qualifications to be president from someone who’s governed a state. That’s the one thing Trump needs to impress undecided skeptics that he can’t quite manufacture on his own — legitimacy, the idea that it’s not nuts to prefer him to a senator or governor. Christie would instantly be the biggest endorsement Trump has landed and would, if Trump is smart, get plenty of face time on cable as a surrogate on Trump’s behalf.”

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