You Won’t Believe What The Cameras Captured During The Debate’s Commercial Break…

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During last night’s GOP presidential debate, you may have noticed that it seemed like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio had teamed up to take on Donald Trump together. These suspicions were confirmed during a commercial break, when something was caught on camera that Cruz and Rubio definitely didn’t want you to see.

According to The Political Insider, Cruz and Rubio were caught shaking hands and smirking at each other during a commercial break. 1cnn

Unfortunately for them, however, Trump refused to back down. He noted that they were “swinging for the fences” and he labeled Rubio a “choke artist” and Cruz “a liar.”

Rubio and Cruz can do whatever they want, but it’s clear Trump is unstoppable at this point. SHARE this story if you still support Trump!

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