Her Dog Was Acting Odd Around The Babysitter, So She Set Up A Camera – What Happened Next…OMG!

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A family was recently stunned when their black lab mix suddenly began barring his teeth whenever the babysitter came around.

Ben and Hope Jordan’s dog never became aggressive towards anyone, so the parents were immediately suspicious and set up a hidden camera on their babysitter and their baby. What the Jordans found on the recording left them horrified and disturbed.

According to AWM, the footage showed the babysitter slapping and cursing their baby. The parents were left incredibly grateful to their dog for protecting their baby.

“He would start getting aggressive toward her,” mother Hope said of her dog. “The hair on his neck would raise. Toward the end I would have to actually stop him from going toward her.”

This serves as a warning to all parents to look for warning signs of abuse among the people you trust to watch your kids!

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