Putin Just HUMILIATED Obama In Front Of World With THIS

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A series of anti-Obama ads are popping up all across viral, and they are quickly going viral all over the world.

According to Mad World News, the Russians see Obama a girly man who has low moral character and no personal integrity. Russian MP Dmitry Gudkov recently posted a photo to his Facebook page of a bus stop which had an image of Obama on one side of it along with the caption, “Don’t smoke – don’t be like Obama.”


“Smoking kills more people than Obama, although he kills a lot of people,” the rest of the ad read.

This image reminded us of the time Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed the posting of the Obama banana picture during the Sochi Olympics.

Putin isn’t afraid to mess with Obama because he knows our president won’t do anything about it. The Russians see Obama as the epitome of a wimp, and we think they have him pegged!

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