Obama’s Muslim ‘Refugees’ Spit On Police Officers – Then Get a BRUTAL Surprise

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Obama is constantly claiming that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. Videos like this, however, shows what REALLY happens when a western country lets too many Muslim refugees in.

When a bus carrying twenty refugees arrived at an asylum center in Germany, they were met by a group of protesters who are sick and tired of their country being invaded by Muslims. According to Mad World News, a Muslim woman in the footage can be seen spitting directly at police officers before smugly walking to the back of the bus.

Other Muslim thugs flipped off the protesters and made a throat-slitting gesture. When the latter occurred, the police finally stepped in and took the thug down for making threats.

In a sickening twist, it was the police officers who ended up in trouble for the way they handled these refugees. They released the footage above this story in an attempt to show that they did nothing wrong and were simply trying to protect their people from the violent refugees.

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