The Truth Behind Scalia’s Death Comes Out – Nobody Saw This Coming

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The world was stunned ten days ago when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died while staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas. Conspiracy theories quickly ran rampant over his cause of death, but a new revelation about his health has just blown all of these out of the water.

On Tuesday, a doctor’s letter was released that revealed Scalia was suffering from a wide range of health issues at the time of his death. According to Daily Mail, the legendary justice had been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, obesity and diabetes, and each of these probably contributed to his death.

Presidio County District Attorney Rod Ponton cited the letter from Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan when he said that there was absolutely nothing suspicious about the 79 year-old’s death.

Monaghan mentioned other ailments that Scalia suffered from including sleep apnea, degenerative joint disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and high blood pressure. He also wrote that Scalia was a smoker, which didn’t help matters.

Dr. Mark Hlatky, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Stanford University, said that any 79 year-old man suffering from these issues would be at risk for a fatal heart arrhythmia.

“A lot of people do die in their sleep, and they’re found the next day,” he said.

Does this change your opinion of how Scalia died? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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