Donald Trump Just Got The Best News of His Life

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Liberals and members of the GOP establishment have often called frontrunner Donald Trump a “passing fad” that actually has no chance of getting the nomination. New reports, however, have these haters eating their words in a big way.

According to The Washington Post, Trump is on course to win the 1,237 delegates he needs by the end of the primaries to claim the Republican nomination.

Trump currently has 67 delegates as compared to 11 for Ted Cruz, 10 for Marco Rubio, five for John Kasich and three for Ben Carson. Last night, Trump earned an additional 12 delegates in Nevada, putting him at 79 total.


16% of the delegates are giving out on a winner-take-all basis, so we can pretty much give Trump all 396 of these. An additional 618 delegates are given out in a hybrid process that combines winner-take-all and proportional allocation. We can confidently give Trump half of the winner-take-all and 30% of the proportionals, putting him at 412 delegates.

4% of the delegates are handed out by conventions and caucuses, so giving Trump 30% of these would give him an additional 30. Add all of these up, and Trump will have 1,246 delegates, nine more than he needs to claim the nomination.

It looks like we might end up with Trump in the White House after all! SHARE if you will vote Trump this year!

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