Mom ‘Addicted’ to Breastfeeding Child Who’s Too Old; Says She’s Jealous of Real Milk

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A mother who is “addicted” to breastfeeding her 14 month-old daughter has made headlines this week after she said she can’t bear to be without the “powerful connection” the practice brings them.

Mallory Bourn’s daughter Blythe started taking a bottle four months ago, but the 24 year-old London blogger admitted she feels “jealous” that he child no longer feeds from her. Mallory, who runs lifestyle blog Bourn Sisters with her younger sibling Hattie, said she still feels “emotionally attached” to breastfeeding her toddler twice a day. She insists it’s not “just weirdos” who breastfeed their children over the age of one.


“Breastfeeding, for me, has been an amazing experience,” Mallory wrote, according to Daily Mail. “I think I am addicted to the attachment and the closeness it brings, that powerful connection. When I think about stopping I feel really sad. I’m so attached to it and can’t imagine my day without those feeds – although I never expected to feel the way I do.”

The blogger admitted she only planned to breastfeed for three to six months, but then she couldn’t stop.

“It has been one of my favourite parts of motherhood so far, although it has not been without its hurdles and tears – from both of us,” she wrote. “There is something so sacred about breastfeeding that I don’t think you can understand until you are a breastfeeding mum, and I am just not quite ready for it to be over yet.”


Mallory went on to say that Blythe refused to use a bottle until she was 10 months old, and she confessed she “can’t help feeling a little jealous and replaced” whenever she uses it now.

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