Clinton Sexual Assault Victim Drops Bombshell – Hillary Panicking

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Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who once sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, has now come forward with no claims that have cemented her place as Hillary’s worst nightmare.

According to Breitbart, Jones said Clinton continued to proposition her after their initial infamous encounter.

On May 8, 1991, Jones was escorted to Clinton’s hotel room, where she was groped as the future president exposed himself to her. She managed to reject his advances and flee the room, but things didn’t end there. Jones has revealed she was propositioned two more times, once by Clinton himself and the other time by a State Trooper who was acting on Clinton’s behalf.

“He’s got a problem. He really does,” Jones said in a recent interview. “And I don’t know if he has taken care of it or if he’s gotten counseling for it or whatever, but he’s got a problem.”

“It’s almost like he says, ‘I’m in power here, and I’m going to do everything I can to make this happen the way I want it to go,'” she continued. “And to me that’s kind of like how it was. He’s going to keep trying and hoping, and keep trying to lure me into I guess doing what he wanted me to do with him.”

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