BREAKING: Hillary Just Got Some Awful News – She Could Be Out Of It

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Less than two weeks before Super Tuesday, a new Washington Free Beacon poll has revealed that Bernie Sanders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Colorado.

The poll shows that Hillary’s double-digit lead has completely disappeared, and that Sanders now leads with 49% compared to her 43%. This is a major difference from November polls, which had Hillary leading Sanders by a whopping 28 points.

The poll reveals Sanders is dominating Hillary among young voters, as he has 46% of the youth vote versus her 30%. Though he has a three point lead among hispanic voters, Hillary maintains a 12 point lead with African Americans.

Ever since the virtual tie in Iowa and her loss in New Hampshire, Hillary’s campaign has been trying to downplay their expectations by saying they always expected a long, drawn out primary. The Denver Post reported Hillary’s “once-confident” campaign was “tempering expectations in a state where Bernie Sanders is poised to make a big showing in the March 1 caucus.”

It’s nice to see the once cocky Hillary walking around with her tail between her legs. SHARE this story if you hope she drops out of the race!

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