GRAPHIC: Horrifying Moment Car Bomb Explodes Near US Embassy

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Yesterday, we reported that a car bomb had exploded near the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey in an attack that left five people dead. Now, horrifying footage has been released of this devastating terrorist attack, which actually left far more than five people deceased.

“Footage shows several cars slowing as they pass a convoy of buses, reported to have been carrying members of the armed forces, which was attacked as it waited at traffic lights,” Daily Mail reported. “The screen suddenly goes white as the bomb exploded, although it isn’t clear from the footage from which car the explosion originated.”

According to Conservative Tribune, Turkey’s health minister described the attack as “well planned,” and said it occurred close to the Turkish Parliament, as well as the city’s own government facilities and armed forces’ headquarters. Contrary to prior reports, 28 people lost their lives in the attack and an additional 61 were injured.

Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, many believe that ISIS was behind it. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the people of Turkey during this devastating time.

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