Fox News Host Walks Off Set On Live TV – Watch What Happens Next

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On Wednesday afternoon, Fox News viewers were stunned when host Shep Smith abruptly stopped while reading through the news. The anchor had heard something off camera, and it was throwing him off.

“Is this bothering you?,” Smith asked his viewers as he looked off camera.

“It’s bothering me,” Smith continued, walking through his studio. “All of my friends are here, checking on things to make sure they’re right. We have a noise.”

According to Western Journalism, Smith then held his microphone  up to the wall. No sound could be heard, but Smith was definitely hearing something.

“You hear this? I wonder if there’s an animal in there,” he said, adding that since his studio is on the 12th floor, it’s unlikely to be an animal.

“Somebody’s in the wall,” he then concluded, looking uncertain. “Fox security, would you get on that please?”

Smith then returned to the stage and went back to delivering the news. After he finished, he ended the show on an upbeat note.

“Whatever’s in that wall, it could cause breaking news and if it does, you’ll be here for it,” he said before the commercial.

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