Disturbing New Photo Suggests Scalia May Have Been Murdered

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The world was stunned on Saturday when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died while staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas. The authorities were quick to say that he died of natural causes, but a disturbing new photo suggests that this is not the case at all…

According to Conservative Tribune, a photo has been found of Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter meeting with Obama before Scalia’s death.


Poindexter has since been exposed as a top donor to the Democratic Party. Though he was being honored at the White House in these photos for his service in the Vietnam War, the images have peaked the suspicions of many considering it would later be Poindexter who found Scalia’s body.


After seeing these photos, top conservative radio host Michael Savage demanded that Scalia’s death be further investigated.

“We need a Warren Commission-like federal investigation,” Savage said, referring to the congressional commission that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. “This is serious business.”

“There was no medical examiner present. There was no one who declared the death who was there. It was done by telephone from a U.S. Marshal appointed by Obama himself,” Savage continued. He went into more detail on this in a piece he wrote for his website.

“The question is, is it a conspiracy theory to ask questions that are so obviously in need of answer, or is it just common-sense,” Savage asked. “And where is the common-sense both in the press and the Republican Party(?)”

Do you think there’s something about Scalia’s death that the government is trying to hide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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