Here’s Who Obama Is Planning To Replace Scalia With

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The world was stunned on Saturday morning when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly passed away. Now, speculation is already spreading about who his replacement will be, and it’s not looking good for us…

According to Conservative Tribune, Supreme Court analyst Tom Goldstein has said that there is a “very strong possibility” that Obama will nominate Attorney General Loretta Lynch to replace Scalia.

“The fact that Lynch was vetted so recently for attorney general also makes it practical for the president to nominate her in relatively short order,” Goldstein wrote on his SCOTUSblog.

Goldstein went on to say that it will be difficult for Republicans to dismiss Lynch as being too biased to sit on the Supreme Court because of her “history as a career prosecutor makes it very difficult to paint her as excessively liberal.”

“I think the administration would relish the prospect of Republicans either refusing to give Lynch a vote or seeming to treat her unfairly in the confirmation process,” Goldstein wrote. “Either eventuality would motivate both black and women voters.”

Lynch would be a terrible addition to the Supreme Court, as she has already proven herself to be a shameless race-baiter. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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