Gary Sinise Risks Everything To Defy Obama On Live TV

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While presenting at the super-liberal Grammy’s on Monday night, Oscar-nominated actor Gary Sinise risked his career to defy a major Obama agenda on live TV.

As he took the stage to present the award for best country album, Sinise stopped the show to send a message to all the American veterans out there.

“Good evening. I would just like to take one sec, one brief second, to send a special thank you and shoutout to the men and women serving our country around the world who are in harm’s way,” Sinise said, according to Western Journalism. “Thank you very much.”

The audience full of liberals was stunned, as they regularly submit to Obama’s anti-military agenda by ignoring the men and women who fight for our country. Conservatives, however, immediately showed their love for Sinise online.

“Thank you for taking a moment to support the men and women serving our great country. Most artists forget that their music is sometimes played overseas to get them through their fight,” wrote Kimberly Me’Lissa Valdespino-Martinez CMT.

‪“Mr. Sinise, as a military wife, I do appreciate you mentioned all of the military men and women serving .. my husband is in Kuwait, and he can’t watch what you have just said, but just a simple word, you lift my spirit .and your neverending support to all service men and women …you make me feel so proud … i have witnessed some of your appearances to support all of the men and women … I salute you , Sir!! God Bless You,” wrote Ay Naku Po.

Gary Sinise thank you for taking a moment to publicly support the troops last night. I know hollyweird isn’t all about supporting the troops anymore, it takes a man of great conviction to stand when no one else is. Thank you so much for the support and being outspoken for my brother and sisters. God bless you, for your commitment. HOOORAH!” wrote Jesse Kennamer.

This isn’t the first time Sinise has used his celebrity to shine a spotlight on the military. His Gary Sinise Foundation is devoted to helping veterans and their families.

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