GRAPHIC: Doctor Finds Lump Under Tattoo – What’s Inside Is DISGUSTING

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We must warn you that the video above is EXTREMELY graphic and disgusting.

According to Conservative Tribune, the footage opens with the doctor examining a woman who has a tattoo infection. As he presses on the abscess beneath the tattoo, a sort of pus begins to pour out of it at a truly alarming rate.

By the end of the footage, so much blood and pus will have come out of the cyst that you will definitely want to vomit.

Dr. Arun Ghosh, a physician in Liverpool, said infections like this can occur due to an infected tattoo needle or if sweat ducts in the back become blocked.

“I’ve removed similar ones. You start squeezing and there’s huge amount of pus inside the cyst. If you left it, it would become a hard, cottage-cheese like lump,” Ghosh said. “It’s unusual to see an abscess that big. If that got into her body, she would have died of blood poisoning.”

The doctor went on to say that being overweight likely made things worse for the woman.

“If you get a large lady, the sweat ducts become blocked. The sweat can’t come out the body so it forms inside, creating an abscess,” Ghosh said. “The body does this to protect itself, to close off the liquid so it can’t get into the blood. Then a bit of bacteria gets in and it becomes infected.”

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