Hillary Clinton Gets Some BAD News From Donors – This Could Be The End Of Her

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Hillary Clinton was humiliated on Tuesday night when Bernie Sanders annihilated her in the New Hampshire primary. Now, she is in panic mode after many of their donors turned their backs on her, as they now believe she is a lost cause.

According to Daily Mail, a group of donors told Hillary they were “disappointed” in her during a Wednesday conference call in which they urged her to project a single, clear message.

After her humiliating 22 point loss to Sanders, Hillary rushed back to her campaign headquarters in New York to confer with her top advisors and figure out a new strategy. During the conference call, donors talked to Hillary about their growing sense of nervousness over the fact that Sanders managed to raise $6 million in the 24 hours after his win. They believe she needs to be more clear about her goal, much like Sanders is.

“Boil it down, be clear, be succinct, and make absolutely sure everybody knows you have a plan,” said Shekar Narasimhan, a Clinton donor and managing partner at Beekman Advisors.

Hillary depends on these top donors for survival in this race, so if they are turning their backs on her, she won’t last long. SHARE this story if you want Hillary to DROP OUT of this presidential race!

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