Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals His Secret Weapon For Defeating ISIS

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ISIS should be terrified this week after Dog The Bounty hunter revealed the secret plan he has to defeat them.

The legendary Duane Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, sat down with News Mic recently to reveal that he would definitely go fight ISIS if he ever gets the chance.

“If I have the backup of the United States, I’m going,” Chapman said. “We are definitely in a war with these guys.”

Chapman went on to leave liberals outraged by giving a play-by-play of how he would take the Muslim terrorist group down.

“The first thing [our team] would do is find out what areas he is in and then we would find people that would be able to talk. We would offer money and things from America,” he said. “We would find out his enemies. Everyone has enemies.”

Once his team located ISIS, Chapman would unload his secret weapon.

“They’re afraid of pigs and pig blood and that stuff as much as we were afraid of AIDS in America back in the ’80s,” he said. “I would use that. I would say to a potential lead, oh you don’t know where they’re at, then you can just drink a glass of that pig’s blood.”

“They hate hogs and pigs almost as much as they hate Americans,” he added.

Liberals are furious that Chapman would dare use Muslims’ weakness against them, but we LOVE this plan! SHARE if you think Dog The Bounty Hunter’s idea is BRILLIANT!

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