Hillary’s Big Secret Just LEAKED – She’s Panicking

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Hillary Clinton was humiliated on Tuesday night when she lost the New Hampshire Primary by a landslide to Bernie Sanders. In a pathetic attempt to recover, Hillary tried to separate herself from Wall Street by saying she wants to get the “secret unaccountable money out of politics.”

“Wall Street can never be allowed to once again threaten Main Street,” she continued in her concession speech. “And I will fight to rein in Wall Street—and you know what? I know how to do it.”

Coming from Hillary, this is completely laughable, since it was just revealed that she and her husband made up to $76,000 a day in payments from Wall Street that date back to 1999. According to Daily Mail, the Clintons made nearly double what the average American makes in a year every 24 hours during the peak of their Wall Street earnings.


This money was earned almost exclusively in speech fees, as Hillary made a whopping $7.7 million from 2009 onwards from 39 appearances for companies like UBS and Goldman Sachs. This boils down to about $210,000 per appearance.

Hillary was also paid over $200,000 for talking to organizations like the American Camping Association and the American Society of Travel Agents. On one occasion, she made over $100,000 for a speech she gave via Skype because she could not be bothered to show up to the event.


These speaking engagements have already caused many liberal voters to lose all faith in her.

“She sounded like a Goldman Sachs managing director,” an audience member of one Clinton speech, which made the candidate $225,000, told Politico.

“It would bury her against Sanders,” another added.


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